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NIGHTWATCH , The radio show for Things That Go Bump In The Night - and the Largest independent Paranormal Radio show in the world!  Broadcast in 14 countries incuding affiliates in Europe, Australia, Japan, China and Canada! Join host Todd Sheets each week LIVE Tuesday Nights 9 PM Central with replays at 10 PM Central on Sunday nights here at Jackalope Radio.  You just NEVER know what you'll find on NIGHTWATCH!  Some of the guests include: Jason and Grant from TAPS (Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters), Elvira - Mistress Of The Dark, Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses), Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Dr. Bill Moseley, Paul Dini (Batman, Justice League), Lance Henriksen, Michael Berryman, Wally Wingert, Adrienne Barbeau, Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Cynthia Rothrock, Kane Hodder (Jason), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Operation Repo, HG Lewis, Sage Stallone, Dave Prowse (Darth Vader), John Zaffis, Dean Haglund from The X-Files, Reggie Bannister from Phantasm movies,  Tony Moran from Halloween, Mike Kim (Daily Show), Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs), Bill Ramey - Batman On Film, Outback Zack, Dr. Ronald Mallet, 42nd Street Pete - Grindhouse Historian,  Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Films and many, many more!

The Shamans Brew is show about our paranormal world as viewed through the eyes of a Toltec Shaman. Topics range from ghosts, astral projection, and real magick to shamanism, time travel, and communication with trans-dimensional beings all from the perspective of an ancient shamanic world merged with the more modern view point of hyper-dimensional physics. Your host  Marcus Leader has over 30 years of experience investigating the paranormal and has trained one on one for 8 years with a REAL Toltec Shaman.

Wednesdays 7  PM Central / 8 PM est!

Dean Haglund the Sci-Fi superstar actor, improv comic and inventor best known as "Langly" one of the three computer-hacking geeks on "The X-Files" and their spin-off series "The Lone Gunmen" discusses all things Hollywood with independent filmmaker Phil Leirness. Every week you can eavesdrop on the Tinseltown water cooler discussion on the Chillpak Hollywood Hour - Tuesday nights at 8 PM CST / 9 PM EST

Join PC your host - along with all the guests, discuss Paranormally based topics mixed with humor, insight, tips, and UNITY!  A Jackalope Radio production, you could hear some of the other show hosts such as Todd Sheets and 42nd Street Pete popping in on the show at any time!

PC founded ParaChallenged Radio on July 11, 2007 due to her families 8 years of ongoing encounters with unexplained phenomena. The show and it's guests continue to serve and aid her and her listeners in a mutual quest for knowledge, as well as a better understanding of what herself and her family have experienced. 

Tuesday Nights at 7 PM Central / 8 PM EST!

Friday Nights at 7 PM Central / 8 PM EST - RAW, UNCUT - In Your Face 42nd Street Pete!

Grindhouse Historian, 70's Survivor and all around funny guy 42nd Street Pete takes you on a tour of his warped, twisted mind every Friday night.  This is the show for all of you tired of normal talk radio!  Pete holds nothing back... ever.  So be ready for uncut - raw and in your face radio that is sure to offend!!! You just never know what to expect on this show - SHORT AND SWEET WITH 42nd STREET PETE.  Where anything can happen and always will.

 Sundays at 4 PM -
Looking For The Perfect Way To End Your Weekend?
Laughter, Good Music And Amazing Interviews
Doc & Tess Present Psychedelic Sundays To You
With Amazing Guests, And Visits From Friends
On Psychedelic Sunday The Fun Never Ends
Amazing Music From Days Of Old
Mixed With Fun Talk And Interviews So Bold
So Don't Be Blue Because Football Won't Be Played
Tune In Each Week And Check Out Psychedelic Sunday


Join us Fridays at 9 PM Central and Tues nights at 12:30 PM for The Nightbreed Show!  GhostGetter has been a Paranormal Investigator for over ten years but has been involved with remarkable experiences since the age of 5 and is a broadcast graduate. He has investigated well known places such as The Myrtles Plantation in LA, to the Stanley Hotel in CO ( famed for the The Shining) and many private places. Ghost Getter has even gotten a call for a quick last minute interview for his paranormal experiences at 3 am from Art Bell. He has gotten into this field to help children with the same fears that he had when he was young.   The Nightbreed Show - Interviews, evidence, humor, music and sometimes exposing the shocking truth.
Fridays at 8 PM Central and Mondays at 6:00 PM for The Brad Westmar Show!  Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your radio - Westmar returns - funnier and just as raw as ever - Tune in for the REAL deal - let Westmar show the rest how it's done!

What IS Savage Science?  You are gonna have to tune in and find out... not just another radio show, Tracy Savage is a true original!  Tune in and take a crazy voyage into unchartered waters of science, art and music!!!!  Every WED night at 8 PM CST / 9 PM EST

Each week, film magazine writer Mike White brings you the ultimate movie show. He introduces listeners to films  he and his guests feel are under appreciated, under the radar or simply misunderstood from a cult cinema perspective. The guys bring you in-depth film discussion as well as cutting edge interviews with the creators of cult film favorites. Guests have included: John Waters, Dolph Lundgren, Joe Bob Briggs, Alex Winter, the cast of The Warriors, Nancy Allen, Robert Carradine, Wings Hauser, Albert Pyun, Monte Hellman and Jim VanBebber. Don't miss these true film geeks offering up big film geek chatter. The Projection Booth knows the movies you like... even if you don't!

Thursdays at 6 PM CST / 7 PM EST

Saturday Nights at 7 PM Central!  Lost In The Static is all about Movies, comics, Books and DVDs - it's a nerd Paradise!  Drop in and enjoy the humor, opinions and raw satire... ONLY on Jackalope Radio!

Saturday nights at 8 PM Central, join your hosts Griff and Tim for an hour of Horror filled insanity!  Nothing is sacred on this show - with dark humor, opinions and blood all flying in equal measure!  From the classics to modern fright fare, it is all here - discussed with passion, dedication and brutal humor!  You can even call in and voice your own opinion on all things Horror - tune in and witness the madness - every Saturday night right here on Jackalope Radio!

Go to Warp 8 and put your Phasers on FUN!  Every Thursday night at 7 PM cst / 8 est  - The Fangirls blast off for an hour of info, interviews and all around witty banter regarding all things FANGIRL!  From talking to their favorite celebrities to giving you their straight opinions on things they love, and love to hate, the Fangirls will entertain you like no other show!!!  Tune in every week!
Join Cinema Snob and Josh every week for Radiodrome - movies, tunes and more - you like videos?  Remember the good old VHS days?  Laserdiscs?  DVDs???  Tune in and go back to the future of filmdom.  Thursday nights at 9 PM CST / 10 PM CST.

Every Tuesday 7-8 PM Central join us for a warm, friendly one of a kind look at the paranormal, dreams, supernatural disturbances, and everyday life problems examined from a unique spiritual perspective. Dr. Mitchell Gibson is a board certified medical doctor who has been listed under the Best Psychics in America and The Best Medical Doctors in America.  Kathy Gibson is a former College All American Athlete and business executive who developed a world class gift for intuition and clairvoyant vision.  The Enlightened Perspective is a heart-warming one hour journey into the unknown with two guides who have more than 40 years combined experience guiding others through life. Their specialties include out of body travel, healing, sexual disturbances, interaction with the gods, working with your ancestors, spiritual cleansing, miracles, aliens, and the human soul.

Movies Hate You, The Wild Eye Releasing Radio Hour, is a weekly glimpse inside all levels of the movie business and an ongoing investigation into why movies hurt so bad. Brought to you by indy DVD label Wild Eye Releasing. Join hosts Rob Hauschild and his venerable Asian valet "Mr. Ree" Lee Peterson for a journey into the mechanics of movies and just about everything else - tips for independent filmmakers, culture, politics, the paranormal, parking tickets - this is pure unscripted stunt radio and the antidote for typical droning, humorless movie shows. Direct from New York City every Tuesday at 6pm CST and only on Jackalope Radio.

Friday 5 PM CST - Friday Night Flashback!
With Doc Stoney -
2 Hours Of Amazing Music, Interviews & Talk
Hosted By The Unknown Hippie
That Is Sure To Spew Some Words So Trippy.
Bands, Actors, Writers & Directors Too
You Never Know Who He Will Get For You!
Tired Of Those Radio Shows That All Seem Whack?
Tune In Every Week To The Friday Night Flash Back

Thursday Nights rock on Jackalope  Radio at 10 PM Central, with Mike Ghostgetter!  He's over the edge, in your face and on the air for 2 hours or true raw radio!  You never know what Mike may talk about, but it will always be entertaining and straight from the hip!  And YOU can be a part of it every week - ONLY on Jackalope Radio!

Break the routine with the group of writers, critics and avid geeks at Geek Juice Radio for discussions about movies, video games and all things "geek culture."  Topics include things like new and old video games, movies, D & D and the occasional current event.  Thursday evenings @ 6pm EST/5pm CST.
Every Sunday night at 8 PM Central / 9 PM EST, Jackalope Radio celebrates the musical history of Punk Pioneer JERY ROACH as we go live to the Cuckoo's Nest!!!  Bands such as 999, The Ramones, XTC, The Damned, the New York Dolls, Black Flag, T.S.O.L., Circle Jerks, D.I., the Vandals, Agent Orange, JFA, Blondie Chaplin, Squeeze, the Adolescents, X, the Go-Go's, Bad Brains, the Cramps, Iggy Pop, Dead Kennedys, the Dickies, Violent Femmes, Ultravox, the Motels, the Bangles, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, John Cale, Suicidal Tendencies, Los Lobos, Fear, Wall of Voodoo, the Misfits, the Knack, the Crowd and Social Distortion all played gigs with Jerry at the Cuckoo's Nest. The club and Jerry were memorialized in the Vandals song "Pat Brown," a song about a club goer who actually tried to run the cops into the ground.  Tune in for a new musical adventure each week with a true historian of days past, Jerry Roach!  Every Sunday night ONLY right here on Jackalope Radio!

Every Wednesday night at 9 PM Central / 10 PM EST, Jackalope 105 brings you Down At The Crossroads!  Your hosts Sean Sellers and Jake Bell talk about a variety of topics including but not limited to current events, politics, the occult, UFOs, conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, & ghosts... We have a great time, so come by and join us!

If it exists we'll talk about it! If it doesn't exist, we'll make it up. A Madman with a drinking problem, a Hermit Furry with obsessions, and an Italian Food Group with his kilt make up this ragtag team of commentators on World and Local news, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Games, Movies, and any other thing that crosses our paths.

Bozo Criminals Beware! Politics will be mocked! Geeks and nerds rejoice! We're Going places that others have, and others just won't on Finite Exposure every Monday afternoon at 5 PM CST / 6 PM EST!

Brute Squad airs every Wed night at 11 PM CST.  Join your host Johnny and his guests each week as he unfolds all the news and current events in the world of comics, movies, TV, games and toys!  From Sci-Fi and Fantasy to Horror and Martial Arts, this show covers it all... tune in and enjoy!


Jackalope Radio HEAT UP with the HOT new show Erotic Rhetoric - The showis a new addition to the repertoire of Leah Love, a ?sexpert?, researcher, and purveyor of adult toys. For the past ten years she has helped thousands of people; counseled all kinds of couples and single people from all walks of life, including people who are just discovering their sexuality. Good communication, self-awareness, and trial and error are some of Leah Love's  musts for enjoying life?s sexual pleasures. She has saved many marriages and set the stage for many pregnancies (as well as encouraged safe sex practices). Those she's counseled have been introduced to healthy sex-positive attitudes and adult products. Leah Love?s mission is to encourage all consenting adults to enjoy sex in all its forms. Life is short, dig in deep and be swayed by Leah Love?s Erotic Rhetoric."  Make sure the kiddies are in bed!


Big Dumb Fun Show ® broadcasts live every Monday evening from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM CST from the BDFS Studio located in the historic Kansas City Icehouse building.  Hosted by on-air talent Jeff Hirst aka Venkman, Frank Arena, and Aaron Gnirk, the BDFS hosts converge 3 generations of the male personality on-air into a sophomoric explosion of hilarious talk and rock entertainment for almost all ages.

Sherri Devereau is certainly multi-faceted. Not only is she a Psychic and Intuitive Guide, but also a Cold Case and Arson Psychic, Teacher, and Radio Show Host. She is also a QiGong Healer, and one of only a handful of Westerners trained at the Boading QiGong Hospital in Boading, Hebei, China under the guidance of Master Wang Juemin.  She was also a volunteer with the Phoenix Fire Department's Crisis Response Team for many years as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) earning her the title - "The Psychic EMT".  Thursday nights at 4 PM CST / 5 PM EST.

Every week, First Amendment advocate and scariest man alive, Hart D. Fisher (What the Fuck, American Horrors, Boneyard Press), and co-host/rabble rouser Josh Hadley (Radiodrome, Lost in the Static, WTF) tear apart the latest government foul up, corporate rip off, law enforcement blunder or a banks gone amok story in a way you?ve NEVER heard a pundit go off. This show is filled with outrageous language, hard driving news that matters and real world horror that will knock your socks off. Saturday nights on Jackalope Radio.

5 PM - WED - Harmarny Health Hour: Reconnecting Spirit, Mind and Body is an amazing weekly journey - join your host Darrell Drumright and explore the human experience in the 4th dimension of time.  Learn the TRUTH about your own health and wellness.

Get hot, wet and dirrrty with Dirrrty Laundry hosted with flair by Joanne Nikita Majic - She has a wicked sense of naughty humor that can drop mouths and raise eyebrows... this is one show that is not for the easily offended or the faint of heart.  Part of the Savage Saturdays UNCUT lineup....

Monday nights at 11 PM Central, be prepared to ROCK!  The Host Danny Coleman will feature live in studio interviews by bands and solo artists. Bands will also have the the option of playing cuts off of their CD(s), as well as live acoustic performances. Danny's goal, is to open up a venue for established, or new acts to have their music heard. This program is all about THEM...and THEIR music! So turn on...tune in...and as always...ROCK ON!

Ever see a news story that made you look up and say "WHAT THE F*#K !!??" Josh Hadley and Jillian Zurawski take a comical look at these stories plus the weekly Hart Attack with Hart Fisher. Only on Jackalope Radio. Saturday Nights at 11 PM CST/ 12 Midnight EST

Welcome to the Chronix... Fasten your seat belts because you are going on a ride. The best in Darkwave, Industrial, Electronic to tantilize your ears. Delve into the darkness each week right here on this exclusive Jackalope 105 show with your Host Dea - Not for the faint of heart or the weak of constitution!  

Visit the Sam & Dan Nation, the internet's coolest party talk show, exclusively on Jackalope Radio. Tune in and listen each week as we review current movies, discuss entertainment news, badger helpless guests, and contribute to the complete and total demoralization of society.

Turn up your radio, take off your pants, open a cold one, and get ready to get your party on.

The Sam & Dan Nation...It's like a lap dance for your brain.


Saturdays at 6 PM CST / 7 PM EST

Eliminate Hate, Violence and Prejudice each week with Scary Guy and his co host Gary Lee - Coming Soon... you will NOT want to miss this show!  Scary educates and entertains, spreading peace in the process... truly an amazing man and a one of a kind show.

Join your host RUDE DOG on this fun and always unpredictable music show.  If it's raw, rude and in your face... it's on this show!  WARNING - this show is totally uncut so those easily offended may want to tune out... Saturdays at 5 PM CST

Only on Jackalope  Radio - travel into the land of dreams!  An original show that will open up an incredible, emotional journey into the soundscape of that land between reality and dreams... So kick back and let the tide take you away... unwind, discharge and relax!  Friday nights at 5 pm Central!

Mac and Travis bring you an amazing radio event each week - take a ride with these nocturnal madmen into the world of jazz!  Saturday nights/Sunday morning at 1 AM!

Generation Psychic is a radio show like no other!  Open the doorway to understanding the true nature of Psychics and Psychic Phenomena.  New Time Coming Soon- join the adventure...


MORE NEW SHOWS COMING - We will post them here when ready!







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