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Why You Should Advertise with Jackalope Radio!!!!!!!! 




According to the Arbitron Inc./Edison Media Research performed in 2009* dramatic developments in technology have created numerous options for audio programming. Internet streaming is at the forefront of this emerging field. Online radio is not only successfully attracting increasingly large audiences but is also effectively maximizing Return on Investment dollars spent on advertising through this medium.



    * More than two in five people listen to Internet Radio each month.


    * Twenty-One percent of persons age 25-54 have listened to Internet radio in the past week.


    * More than eight in ten Americans are online from any location. At-work Live Streaming has increased an average of 43% each year since the year 2000.


    * Internet radio is used as a soundtrack for online shopping/buying, with 47% of weekly internet radio users reporting  listening while purchasing goods at a website.


    * 33% of online radio listeners have visited a website due to an ad.


    * Internet radio is used as a soundtrack for online gaming communities, an audience proven to spend their dollars on games, dvds, comics and music cds.  Online radio is an excellent opportunity to make this audience aware of your product.


    * Radio web site visitors are highly loyal, with two-thirds of station web site visitors visiting weekly, and nearly a quarter visiting daily.



* Arbitron Inc. / Edison Media Research 2009 study - The Infinite Dial: Radio's Digital Platforms.



Advantages of Internet Radio Advertising


* Internet Radio provides maximum exposure 24/7 throughout the world. Someone is always listening and will hear of your product or services.  Jackalope Radio can give you an average of 5000 PLUS impressions a day through our various web sites and the online radio station. 


* Even if you think your product or service can only be utilized locally it does not hurt to advertise globally since the cost is the same regardless of where your business is located. Many who advertise on Internet Radio often find to their surprise that there is indeed untapped potential outside their geographical area.  Plus, many people in your local area could very well be part of our largest audience!


* And speaking of costs Internet Radio is extremely inexpensive compared to standard network rates so there is maximum Return On Investment dollars.



An advertising medium must reach your target customers or it provides no benefit. Radio has a wide-scale appeal to consumers. Even with the alternatives available today, listening patterns in radio are still solid and stable, indicating that radio remains a popular consumer choice.


The fundamental advertising axiom of reaching the right people  at the right time  with the right message  at the right cost is more possible with radio than with TV or print, the other large-scale "push" direct response advertising mediums. As a result, your dollars spent on radio advertising are more efficient, generating a greater return on investment.


Because radio station managers have a limited number of minutes available for advertising during an average hour, radio spots tend to last either 30 or 60 seconds. A station may build in several scheduled breaks during an hour.


So what are you waiting for??? Choose the package below that is right for you!!!  Advertise with Jackalope Media and you will see actual results! 


We know it is hard to get a grip on the whole ?internet radio? idea with so many people claiming to have an ?internet station? these days.  It seems anyone with a mic and a few dollars thinks they have the right to be in radio.  With Jackalope, you can be sure this is no small-time "station"  with just a few listeners ? this is a sold, professional station with actual people listening!  We have nearing a hundred affiliates, simulcasting stations on AM/FM and contracts with many content providers such as iTunes, Nokia Network, RadioTime, iRadio, many cable networks, all major cell providers as well as several major radio content providers for satellite radio all over the world.  Our goal is to make sure our station is heard all over the globe, and that includes YOUR ads!   You have so many wonderful options with us, just take a look and start promoting today!!!


The way our station is growing, and the way Internet radio is growing, you can clearly see the advantages. Why is our station different then any other? Because we have a reputation for quality and content. We run this station with honor and integrity as we feel these two things reflect greatly on success. 


If you compare these rates with other radio companies out there you will see a huge difference in pricing. We are not here to rip people off or to take advantage. Simply put, we need to defer the monthly costs of running the station as it grows bigger and bigger. Please contact us NOW for our INCREDIBLE rates.


When you become a sponsor for Jackalope Radio,  your logo will appear on all print ads, websites and graphics promoting the network during your time as a sponsor.  You can create your own ads or we can do them for you ? for Audio ads we just need a script and for Banner ads, we would like a few basic ideas what you are looking for.



For discounts on 6 month and yearly commitments, contact us today and put your custom package together.


What do you get in return? We can offer you the real exposure for your advertising dollar. We can guarantee over 535,000 or more impressions on our station per week. We can offer you the quality and respect you deserve as a business owner.


Please take a look at our show line up on the site, maybe you would like to do ads on specific shows or even sponsor one!   If you have any questions of concerns feel free to contact us!


Thank you for your time,


Amanda Payton


Marketing Director